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Storytelling: The missing ingredient!

Storyletting Marketing Digital

Storytelling: The missing ingredient!

Storyletting Marketing Digital

The hotel industry has discovered for years how to solve part of the problem, at least the most competitive players.

These have stopped selling rooms to sell experiences, and each segment, depending on whether it is a young couple or a group of golfers, responds to different stimuli.

Now! The other part of the problem is how to tell a story that will make these people dream and click the “book now” button.

A good story will be able to overcome all barriers!

In recent years there has been a significant increase in the demand for marketing services in the digital context in the Algarve region, especially in the real estate and hotel sectors.

There is also, in general, greater awareness for the hiring of people and companies with capabilities to operate on the web.

More often than not we would hear about digital marketing as if it were the answer to all the problems, however, it is important to note that digital marketing is an improved version of traditional marketing.

In its genesis, it obeys the same basic rules. This ill-conceived idea often has as a consequence clients with too high expectations who see digital marketing as a kind of Voodoo. A situation that does not benefit either party.

What motivates the search for digital marketing services is the need to solve problems, in order to leave a less comfortable position or go beyond the comfort zone in search of the ultimate prize.

In similar circumstances all brands would be successful and would be in an endless spiral of successful sales. In fact it is not so and credit goes to those who discover over time how to do it.

Connecting with a client and identifying your pain will make a difference. Identify the pain and you will have your story to tell!

It’s simple. The problem is the pain that each of us feels.

In the business-to-business context, the small business owner wants to achieve happiness by profiting enough to evolve their activity, remunerate employees, change cars every four years, take the wife to the Caribbean on vacation every year, enroll their children in universities of reference and maybe give something back to the community through a gesture of solidarity.

What do you think the manager wants to achieve? Probably the same thing. And you, what do you need? Could it be related to the fact that you are reading this article?

Can you establish an emotional connection with your clients and see what their pains are?


Emotional connection as problem solving.

In an “always online” society where it is possible to reach more and more people through various means of communication, the difficulty is to communicate the message efficiently among the dense digital crowd of users and advertisers.

What to do?

Finding the emotional connection is the most important nowadays if you want to stand out, even in a business-to-business context. After all, people who are behind business often make emotional decisions trying to justify them rationally.

Three golden rules for the basis of all your communication, whether digital or not:

  1. Know your product like nobody else. All the details, the different applications, features, advantages and disadvantages. Do not take away from this equation to ask the help of the consumers of your product in order to understand how it can improve.
  2. Know people. Know everything about your target customers. It is essential to have a breakdown of the different target customer profiles in demographic and behavioral terms. Your communication will become more efficient.
  3. Discover the pain. Solve the problem. Tell a story. Use storytelling art to encourage your audience and see that the results will emerge.


Briefly an article on storytelling techniques.

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