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Google Ads – How does it work?

Google Ads – How does it work?

What is Google Ads and how does it work?

Google Ads is Google’s online advertising platform that allows you to bring people interested in your products or services to your website, taking advantage of the millions of searches performed on Google every day. It allows your business to place ads at the top or bottom of Google search engine results pages. Keywords that best define your products or services will trigger ads in a context relevant to your potential customers.

When someone searches for “buy a house in cascais” the Google search engine “sweeps” the internet looking for the most relevant results. Google Ads makes your ad visible even if your website is not in the top results of organic search. Potential customers find ads within the context of their search, making them more likely to become customers.

Geographic segmentation and hourly and daily schedule

If the objective is to attract customers within a specific radius of action, for example choose certain countries, regions or just advertise in your city, you can do that. As well as setting the days and times when ads are activated. Optimize and save money!

Google Network

Your ads may also be displayed on thousands of websites that are related to searches made by your potential customers, for example if someone searches for “therapeutic massage clinic”, your ad will be activated on websites whose content refers to health, well-being or fitness.


How much do I need to invest?

When setting up a campaign, you define the amount you are willing to spend and only pay when someone clicks on an ad and visits your website. Now that you know what Google Ads is and how it works, you can conclude that it is an excellent marketing tool to grow your business by attracting customers in a contextualized way. Attract in a qualified way, potential customers who are actually looking for your products or services. A non-intrusive way to advertise!

Google Ads works on a prepaid basis — that is, the user determines the maximum amount they want to pay for each click on your ad during a month, and Google deducts this amount from the credit paid by a credit card, for example.


Important facts

– Market research and strategic planning are key elements for building Google Ads campaigns.
– Keyword research is critical to success as campaigns can contain thousands of generic and long-tail keywords and phrases. It is also worth noting the importance of negative keywords.
– The tools that Google Ads makes available allow us to observe how seasonality affects the volume of online searches, reflecting the offline world.
– There are a number of advantages to watching the mass media for trends that could influence online searches.
– Different scenarios suggest the use of different devices so the predisposition of a potential customer who uses a desktop computer is not the same as someone who is on the phone.
– Specific landing pages should be developed for each ad in order to reduce cognitive dissonance, that is, the difference between what is expected and what actually happens, leading to a good conversion rate.
– Google Ads campaigns can help SEO (search engine optimization) practices by identifying keywords with high potential.
– It is important to monitor the performance of campaigns, collect information and improve them for better performance in the future.

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