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Digital Marketing Trends 2019


Digital Marketing Trends 2019


Digital marketing cannot be ignored and no one can question the power it has. A well-designed marketing campaign can meet the needs of any company, expose your product and ensure the success of it. Yet, times change, the years go by and we are already in 2019. If you want to get where your future customers are then you need to have an effective digital presence.

Social networking, streaming, and the ease with which digital content can be created have made the internet the staging point for any business. In this article, we will then address new trends and focus on others that have begun to gain ground.

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1# Artificial Intelligence

Yes, the future is fast approaching and this term is beginning to gain glow for this and the coming years.

By analyzing user usage patterns, you can then more effectively tailor and manage the information you are looking for. So far this process depended on the human hand in compiling minute reports in which it would later be analyzed and debated in which the slightest error of judgment would lead to poor conversion. Artificial Intelligence comes then (though it still requires a human hand) to automate this process and increase the success rate. Businesses that are implementing this type of strategy will see their costs reduced and they will notice a growth in their business, thus gaining an advantage over their competitors.

This trend becomes even more useful when it is also used in the support provided to customers, and the customization of the message and the response time are something that makes the customer feel unique and valued by your company.

2# Facebook and Instagram

We decided to join these two colossi of social networks in the same topic because although one exists without the other, it is rare cases in which a user who has one account and that one is not accompanied with the other.

Despite the “little” hiccup that Facebook had in 2018 seeing the private information of 14 million users being shared, they continue to be the social network number 1.

It’s important that marketers begin to realize that certain campaigns are not appropriate for this social network and that they re-check who their target audience is, especially when you think of the transition from the younger population to Instagram, so let’s put the two together in this category. In short, Facebook Social Network # 1 yet who navigates there is more “smart” due to the breach of trust.

Now comes the funny part, although Facebook sees many of its users lose confidence and escape to another platform, this leak was made to a social network that Facebook bought called… Instagram. If your target audience is people under the age of 30, Instagram is full of them.

3# Chatbots

We had already mentioned in our article on the trends of 2018 and we will mention it again in this 2019 trend article. Why? Because it is a fact that the Chatbots have arrived to stay and that more and more companies are using them.

For those who do not know, Chatbots are a type of software that works as a “concierge”, communicating with users and giving assistance.

Chatbots are already used by thousands of companies on Facebook not always with the same goal.

Since providing weather information to the most basic support functions can be linked by this type of software. This information can be customized from user to user and helps take workload from the support department. The effectiveness of using Chatbots in 2018 has increased significantly and this trend is expected to continue in 2019.

4# Video Marketing

Like the Chatbots, it is good to keep marketing through videos, and this trend continues to have space in the year 2019. Let’s look at the following numbers:

  • 70% of consumers admitted that they shared a video of a brand.
  • 72% of businesses say videos have improved their conversion rate.
  • 52% of consumers admit that when viewing videos this improves their confidence in decisions when they buy online.

Source: Statista

Video is usually synonymous with YouTube, yet that perception has to change! Videos can be shared on Instagram or LinkedIn or even live streaming on Facebook.

This type of live streaming from Facebook has gained quite a lot of popularity, with many companies doing so, whether it is showing certain products, showing “behind the scenes” certain events, life in the office or how certain products are made.

With the low cost of shooting materials and the quality of smartphone cameras, companies and marketers are now turning to video messaging (1: 1 video strategy).

5# In-App ads arrived

According to Statista website, 2.01 billion smartphone users use Messaging Apps to communicate in 2018, this number is projected to reach 2.48 billion by 2021.

In August 2018 Whatsapp Messenger was the most downloaded App for Android users and every day is used by more than 450 million people in both iOS and Android, not forgetting Facebook Messenger that has 1.3 billion users.

This is the year to start experimenting with this type of advertising and get involved with this mass of users.

6# Your Voice Commands

Siri. Alexa. Ok Google. Who never? The verbal interaction begins to dominate the use of smartphones. The truth is that talking to a machine has simply become the most practical way of using it and the “machines” are beginning to realize this. However, it continues to be something that challenges the user, when doing “traditional” research writing something, there are suggestions and a results page, while when there is a voice command the answer of our device may be only one accompanied by sometimes of an alternative.

This means that you have to start considering preparation for this type of research because it is an area that is beginning to gain momentum and can not be ignored as people are increasingly using these voice commands. For example, writing meta-descriptions will have to be optimized for these voice searches so that the command can be activated when the user speaks out loud.

7#Customization is the way to go

To stay on the cutting edge of 2019, there has to be a customization of the message to the user. It has already been said that the user likes to feel unique, likes to have immediate feedback and has to be special, so it is better to review your content, product and email marketing strategy.

With today’s technology, it is possible to extrapolate information from the software you use to analyze your customers’ habits, thus outlining a more effective strategy for smooth and successful selling. This customization helps you establish a connection with your consumer.

A great example of this customization is Netflix when you log in to your account, everything that appears is customized for you, from banners to carousel, order, text, and searches tailored especially for that user. As they usually say: Personalization = Maximum utilization + Minimum search time.

8# Automation

Automation is closely tied to customization because many companies can now send different emails to subscribers depending on their interests and certain content with which they interact.

With the new RGPD agreement, you only get what you gave consent to. Although it has become a barrier, we can analyze and say that at this moment the subscribers are potential customers who subscribed freely to know more. They are leads in their purest state. Future customers who can make their first purchase!

It’s time to nurture these leads, create automation in relation to certain behaviors, then simply send the content.

Automated marketing is already a trend these past few years but it is also a trend that will grow in 2019 due to its great benefits as:

  • Elimination of lost time.
  • Minimizes the error.
  • Encourages collaboration (between marketing and sales).


What is the most important marketing trend for you and your company in 2019?

Answer in our post on digital marketing trends for 2019 and see the responses of others like you.