Google Workspace How It Works - Learn More!
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Google Workspace

google workspace como funciona

Google Workspace

Google Workspace is the new name for the old G Suite, an enterprise platform that brings together several well-known Google tools aimed at corporate activities. All businesses, from small to large multinational businesses, can use the benefits of Google Workspace to organize management processes, store information and even create customized solutions using Google Artificial Intelligence.

Google Workspace, then, consists of an online space where you can organize your professional space, this is a platform that includes several tools and offers versions of several Google products that can be independently customized with the client’s domain name. This space offers several applications with features similar to traditional office suites, such as Gmail, Hangouts, Google Calendar, Drive, Docs, , Groups, News, among others.

The main foundation of this platform is based on 3 essential pillars:

Provide the necessary tools to save time and allow work to be done in an organized and quick manner;
Allow access and sharing of files, data and ideas among different team members;
Allowing the company to function and work in a flexible and collaborative way, the main objectives of this platform being to help companies improve their productivity while promoting the innovation of their business, prioritizing the needs of customers and the needs of themselves. employees.


In this new tool from Google, through its applications it is possible to carry out various tasks, such as:

Save and share the files created by Google Drive – Each user can store in their Drive account, various works, notes, drafts and other files that can later be shared with the rest of the team, where the document can be viewed and even changed by members of the team to which the user who shared the document has granted access, even other users can request access permission to edit the document easily, where the main user will receive an email in their Google account, in order to grant the same.

With a Team Drive account, all members who need access to a certain document already have it, and if an employee leaves the company, the main user of the Team Drive account can quickly revoke access to any company data. Individual and Team Drives have cloud storage on Google Workspace.

Real-time collaboration – Collaboration can be a bigger challenge for companies today than it was before the Covid-19 pandemic, today, with many of the companies working remotely, collaboration and internal communication can happen. with some difficulties, Google Workspace includes several options to facilitate collaboration, options that are unique to the Business edition of the platform. Through real-time sharing on Google Workspace, teams can edit the same Document simultaneously, which eliminates version control while teams work in a remote environment. Changes happen instantly, so people can build on each other’s ideas and reach consensus faster with comments and tips left by team members to others. In addition to this option, to facilitate communication, team members can also schedule a meeting directly on the platform through the Team Calendar or the most used Google Meet, where there is no time limit for the meeting. The Google Currents function also allows for its own internal social network, where communication is facilitated for the entire organization of the team’s discussion and ideas.

Integration between Google Workspace and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) – By integrating Google Workspace with CRM, salespeople and customer service representatives can automatically record tasks, meetings, calls and emails in Salesforce without leaving Gmail. You can also view contact and account information on this Google Workspace platform and easily extract CRM data for your Docs.

Enterprise Security through Endpoint Management – The Admin Console allows you to control Google Workspace accounts, while Endpoint Management allows you to control which devices are authorized and allowed to access these accounts.

With Google Workspace Endpoint Management it is possible to distribute applications on mobile devices, it is also possible to verify the use and manage security settings and limit access to any endpoint device, so if any device goes out of brand control it is possible to delete the sensitive data remotely, wiping the device completely from the company’s account servers.

Preserve company data with Google Vault – Google Vault allows the preservation of the most important and relevant data from accounts, even from suspended accounts. It is possible to set rules when saving Google Workspace documents, to ensure that nothing important is deleted while their main purpose is to safeguard user data, these rules also apply to documents deleted from suspended accounts. This is intended to help the team avoid running out of data when employees leave the company and to facilitate the work of the legal team in case of future problems.

Launch websites using the Google Sites tool – With Google Sites, the team can work together to create high quality websites that are appealing and attractive to your visitors, without the need for programming skills. If the documents are created through Google Workspace, it is extremely easy to place them on a website created through Google Sites, with the user only having to drag the content directly from the other Google Workspace applications to the website, choosing the design and format that the content must be exposed.