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Metaverse, what is it?


Metaverse, what is it?

Metaverse, what is it?

So that we can talk about possibilities in applying this concept to Marketing, initially it is essential to understand what the Metaverse consists of.

Several years ago this would have been a concept that would only fit in sci-fi and comic books, but over the years this is not the case today.

The concept is extremely recent, it first appeared in the fiction book Snow Crash by author Neal Stephenson published in 1992 and has become an increasingly relevant idea, conducive to the evolution of society in the technological environment, this term represents an open world , shared and three-dimensional, at least in the most original sense of the word, but with evolution it may become possible to make calls through virtual reality glasses or even add analogue control, achieving greater control of yourself in this world , although we are still far from this reality, it is a possibility that could become reality.

A wide range of articles mention that this will not be an easy integration and will require a drastic change of behavior on the part of consumers, but is this, in fact, the reality?

If we think deeply about the heart of the matter, our society is already moving towards the functioning of the Metaverse, this is visible, for example, when a group of young people chooses to stay at home playing online, instead of on the street in person with each other. , in this case here we can already notice a change in behavior, even if unconscious, in favor of the digital.

In another example, we have the case of cell phones, it is rare for the individual who currently leaves home without his cell phone, a device where we can currently do everything, from payments to connecting with people on the other end of the world, as well as any type of information. seconds or minutes, depending on your internet speed.

Still on the topic of payments, the case of cryptocurrencies can already be considered as an integration in the Metaverse, because despite its component being digital capital, it is already possible to acquire material goods through this form of payment, showing the connection between the virtual and the real.

Bearing this in mind, we believe that such a drastic shift in the masses towards the Metaverse will not be necessary in your lifetime.

In short, the Metaverse is a new layer of reality, reached by various technological means, composed of the real and virtual worlds and in the words of Mark Zuckerberg, founder and executive president of Facebook, to The Verge website “instead of just seeing the content , will be inside it”.

Metaverse in Marketing

We live in an exceptional and fantastic time in the world, where technologies can do what could often be impossible.

It is already a constant in entertainment to create an illusion that we are in fact in another space, this is the case of 3D movies or even in the world of video games with the invention of VR glasses, where the player is sucked into the experience, creating the illusion of being in another world.

Let’s imagine that, in addition to the entertainment industry, this technology would be applied to the different factors that influence our daily lives and that leads us to the possibilities and advantages that Metaverse could have in Marketing.


Using the Metaverse in Marketing and Advertising

Now that we understand the concept of Metaverse, we can start thinking about its advantages and possibilities in Marketing and in the creation of advertising campaigns.

Metaverso is not a new concept in relation to Digital Marketing, we can see this by analyzing most brands and businesses today, all of them with a presence on social networks, creating their digital footprint and attracting customers.

The power of social networks in the image of a brand is tremendous and something to take into account today, this digital image is what can sometimes dictate the success or failure of your product.

Even more, sales through social networks are already a relevant reality for the business model of a given company, and with the potential to continue to grow.

The case of Facebook and Instagram demonstrates this reality, already having their own marketplaces, with numerous stores spread out among the commercial profiles, without having to leave the platform to make the purchase.

This is the idea that remains in Metaverse, the consumer discovering a product, having the possibility to try it and later make the purchase within the digital environment.

Another extraordinary possibility is related to the real estate business, through the creation of these virtual worlds, when deciding to invest in a property, the possibility of making a virtual visit to that same property without physically moving and later being able to make the purchase through digital currencies. , it would make your business model much easier, also making it faster.

Another advantage, and perhaps one of the most essential, is related to consumer behavior and the classic Experience Marketing.

The emotion and the connection that the consumer creates in relation to a certain brand or product has always been one of the main factors influencing the public’s purchase decision.

It has always been possible to stimulate these senses in the consumer in person, appealing to their senses, perhaps giving a taste of your product to familiarize the target audience with it.

As the evolution of virtual reality continues, the stimuli of these same senses allow an experience that gives the sensation of being present.

The interaction between customer and brand/seller avatars and the ability to experience the space will bring to digital the positive feelings that influence purchases, linking two of the most successful aspects of marketing today, Experience Marketing and Digital Marketing.

To conclude, in terms of marketing, the Metaverse in this area could come to mean a new phase, if for Kotler Digital Marketing would already be considered Marketing 4.0, the Metaverse could then be the 5.0 facet of Marketing.

With this evolution and further implementation, there will be new opportunities to explore and different solutions to offer customers, as well as an increase in resources and structures, giving more opportunity for creativity to shine, in an immersive environment.

The new opportunities presented with this concept also include connections with other digital goods, such as the case of cryptocurrencies, which has already been mentioned here.

With this new environment already in place, albeit on a small scale, its constant evolution will make this environment a central and focal point for most businesses and the biggest brands in the market and those who don’t want to be left behind will need to start investing .

It is also necessary to understand that the Metaverse will not be a space only dedicated to socialization but the place where life happens, uniting work, social life, shopping, interaction and everything else, this new aspect will then be the next stage of evolution, in the business world.