Google Ads Consultant Portugal, Algarve | Certified Specialist
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Google Ads

Google Search Network


Keyword-enabled text ads

Increase sales by advertising your products and services on Google search engine. Proven by experts and advertisers as an efficient method for acquiring new customers with great return and control.

Google Display Network


Display specific ads targeted to your audience

Google display network allows you to reach your targeted audience with display ads that will impress and increase pre-qualified traffic to your website. In this way you will be able to leverage brand awareness and sales. 


Google Advertising


Google Ads are enabled by the keywords that best define the products or services you provide. Ideal for converting potential customers into customers by reaching them at the precise moment they are looking for you, increasing the probability of purchase. On the other hand, they contextualize communication by segmenting your targeted audience using geographic, demographic and behavioral criteria.


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