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Real Estate Digital Marketing

Real Estate Digital Marketing

The Real Estate Market

Digital marketing applied in the context of real estate is not new for companies of the sector affirmed as market leaders, so to maintain leadership it is crucial to know the latest trends in terms of business strategy and communication.

For entrepreneurs who are starting their real estate journey or are already in the game for a long time and want to turn a new page, it is necessary to remember that the age of the brochures and posters is over.

Now the business strategy suggests a new type of communication, which is digital, highly volatile and extremely targeted to reach the right audience at the right time and place.


Digital marketing

Learn how to promote real estate as well as investment opportunities and benefits using digital marketing techniques.

Assuming that the generic strategy of your business is solid, this article only addresses marketing in the communicative strand in the digital environment.

This is a venture that requires in the first instance the development of a website as a point of convergence between communication initiatives, a platform that allows managing properties with the least effort and loss of time and secondly a digital marketing strategy.

There are several solutions in the market regarding the construction of “low cost” websites, however none of them can be efficiently optimized in the sense that it is intended to take advantage of the full potential of the platform, and as a rule these types of solutions have several limitations .

On the other hand, as important as the website itself, is to get potential customers searching on Google for properties in Portugal. For example, using key phrases such as “buy villas in algarve”, find the website at the top of the results.


Leads Via Search Engines

To achieve top positioning in search engines, a complex task called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is required. Since, the algorithms of the search engines that determine the positioning, also they are complex, as well as the factors that influence it. In this context, there are some factors.

Keyword research represents the foundation for the following tactics, so it must be done before implementation.

– Inclusion of the keyword that best represents the business, in the domain. *

– Age of the domain.

– Choice of a top level domain (.co.uk, .com, .fr, etc.).

– Title tags and descriptions for each page, h1 and h2, languages, etc.

– Density of keywords and extension of content.

– Website loading speed, frequency of updates and server location.

(These are just a few of the 200 factors identified.)

* Still recommended, though debatable as branding gains ground, and there are brand domains with top placements that do not include any keywords related to the activity. The domain is just the brand, for example www.brand.com.

Note: There are two types of optimization: On-Site and Off-Site. The first typology refers to optimization at the platform level, while the second is related to external factors such as Link Building and presence in Social Networks.

Sources: Backlink, Search Engine Journal, Entrepreneur


Real Estate Portals, Articles and Press Releases

Having a Link Building strategy is also crucial for a good placement in organic results. Search engines interpret these links that target your website as a vote of confidence by rewarding the website with good indexing of pages.

Tip: In a simpler register, take advantage of real estate portals, these were developed to submit information regarding real estate. Write articles and post press releases (take advantage of the contacts you previously made with members of the press).


Via Google AdWords Leads

So far, we have addressed the organic results that are the result of Search Engine Optimization. Next, we’ll cover the paid results that are represented by the ads that appear above the organic results of the search engine results pages (SERPs), currently with a yellow or green indication that says “ad.”

These ads (Google AdWords) are just as important as website optimization. They will generate massive lead traffic to the website.

Google AdWords is the paid ad program with the best conversion rates, which is recommended in the search context where you want to get a direct response from potential customers searching for business opportunities in Portugal.

On the other hand, it is recommended to generate notoriety through communication suports such as banners with images of properties and videos.


Leads Via Facebook Ads

Facebook also offers an online advertising program (Facebook Ads) that allows you to target ads using Geographic, Demographic and Behavioral targeting criteria.

Example: Target ads to a male and female audience, from 35 to 55 living in the United Kingdom and France, married, with a college degree, interested in Portugal and Algarve.

This is also a way to increase traffic to the website, hence the probability of selling.


Content Marketing

Regarding the content to be included in the website. The images should be appealing and of high quality, the texts should contain all the details about each property, care and illustrative. And videos of course, which are your most powerful selling instrument!

Create articles for your Blog or Vlog (video blog). Write optimally by using keywords resulting from keyword research to leverage your presence in organic search results. Write about Locations, People, Schools, Available Services, Security, Activities, Events, Culture, Gastronomy, etc.


E-mail marketing

Already have a database? If so, make the most of cross and up-sales. If you do not have a database, start gathering your customers’ contacts now, and try to target the best you can, so you’ll increase the efficiency of your communication by doing so. Learn more about email marketing!